Year 7 Performing Arts

Activities to support your learning

New topic - Little Red Riding Hood

New Task 1 - Drama
Click here to read a Little Red Riding Hood script and complete the questions in the document.

New Task 2 - Dance
Click here to complete the drama questions.

Drama - week 4 and 5 tasks: Click here to access the latest tasks for you to complete.

Performing Arts: Click here to access the work from your eLearning pack 3.

Pack 2 6th - 19th April

Dance & Drama
eLearning Pack 2: 6th April – 19th April
Click this link to access the next set of work for you to be completing.

Dance & Drama

To be straight with you
Write a review of this online clip from DV8 - to be straight with you

Extension: Why is it important to make and see performance work about issues such as sexuality or race? Justify your opinions and use examples from the work.


7 rings - Ariana Grande
Watch this video and learnt the routine. Make sure you're working on timing and movement memory.

Dance, Drama & Music

Bugsy Malone
Watch the clip and use it to copy the steps and learn lines from a section of the film. Then, create your own dance routine!

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