Year 7 French

Activities to support your learning

Try out this Language Immersion Challenge!

Use these websites to support your language learning:



Click the link below to find some resources with activities for you to complete. You should complete the activities in the order recommended. You will find the answers for some activities, so that you can self-assess your work. Other ones will need to be submitted by email to your teacher (they are highlighted in yellow). 

Year 7 French resources

You should start with Spring 2 then move onto Summer 1 if you complete this work.

French resources from your printed work pack

Here you can find the resources that were included in the work packs you received.

documentSending your work to your teacher

You can send either a file (eg. a Word file or PowerPoint file) or a photograph of your handwritten work to your teacher.

You can send your message from any email account - it doesn't have to me your school account.

Make sure you include your name and your teacher's name in the subject of the email.

Send your email to:

Your teacher will then reply to you on the email address you emailed them from, so please make sure you are checking your emails.

If you need help with this, please click here.