Year 3

Activities to support your learning

Weeks 3 - 4: 6th - 19th April

Complete the following tasks focused on your subjects:

Phonics activities for red spellers






Weeks 1 - 2: 20th March - 5th April

Pupils can fill in the below booklet whilst they're at home which will help them develop their independence, perseverance, problem solving skills and creativity:

Activity book

Pie Corbett's reading spine explains the importance of reading aloud with children and gives some tips for reading activities.

Here are some activities you can try that are focussed on Maths:

Maths activities

Fluent in Five provides a daily set of arithmetic practice designed to help children develop and maintain fluency in both written and mental calculations.

Child-friendly calculation policy
This document explains the methods that pupils use in relation to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Here are some tasks for you to complete that are focussed on English:

English activities

Complete these activities which will help you improve your spelling and grammar.

Have a go at these tasks based on Phonics.

Here are Science tasks for pupils to complete.

Here are some other fun and educational activities that you can also try out whilst you're at home:

50 things to try at home

Non-screen activities

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