Year 11 English

Activities to support your learning

New Online Lessons - Week 2
Make sure you've watched the 2 videos below on Transactional Writing from Mr Dunford before you watch this one.

Making your writing credible

New Online Lessons - Week 1
Watch the below online lessons on Transactional Writing and complete the relevant tasks.

Friendly Vs Formal


New Year 10 & 11 Literature Romeo and Juliet - Mrs Fleming's class:
Watch the online lessons below and complete the relevant tasks.
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4

You have been set tasks by your own class teacher. If you have forgotten your password, email [email protected] to ask for help, including your full name, year group and class in the email.

Clare's Class
There are lots of videos on this channel to guide pupils through the Edexcel Language exams.

Online resources

Use the following resources to:

  • create character information maps
  • create theme maps
  • create revision cards to help you remember key quotes
  • create question and answer revision cards to test yourself on key context
  • plan a response to an essay question
  • support the writing of an essay question

Shakespeare - Macbeth
Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet

Post 1914
Lord of the Flies
Animal Farm
Blood Brothers

19th Century
Jekyll and Hyde
A Christmas Carol

Conflict poetry
Conflict poetry

documentSending your work to your teacher

You can send either a file (eg. a Word file or PowerPoint file) or a photograph of your handwritten work to your teacher.

You can send your message from any email account - it doesn't have to me your school account.

Make sure you include your name and your teacher's name in the subject of the email.

Send your email to:

[email protected]

Your teacher will then reply to you on the email address you emailed them from, so please make sure you are checking your emails.

If you need help with this, please click here.