Year 10 Work Experience

Well done to all Year 10 pupils for completing their two week work experience placements in January 2016. They worked for a variety of employers, including; pharmacies, bakeries, solicitors, schools, restaurants, hotels, garages, accountants, care homes and supermarkets.

We have received fantastic comments from employers and coaches who have been very proud of their achievements and impressed as to how enthusiastic the pupils were. Employers commented on the professionalism and motivation pupils have shown throughout their time with them.

This was an important time for the year group to develop life skills as well as developing their professionalism, resilience and motivation.

Pupils were happy to share how much they benefited from their experiences:

“My experience was at Karim & Co Solicitors, and I enjoyed meeting new people every day and doing things I wouldn’t normally do. If I put my mind to it, I can do anything.”

“If I had to do this placement again I would be more independent. I had to take care of children at a Primary School and this is what I enjoyed the most. My advice to Year 9’s is to choose something you will enjoy.”

“My experience was at Cardigan Road Pharmacy and I had the chance to dispense medication.  I learnt that I am a hard worker and my experience was really fun.”

“I learnt more about architecture and the processes involved. I wouldn’t change my experience if I had to do it again, and I have learnt to be polite and punctual.”

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