Year 10 Mathematics

Activities to support your learning

New Year 10 maths work and planner - week commencing 13th July
Use this planner to help you see what work you should be completing. You can see the specific tasks your class teacher has set for you.

Click here to see the previous weekly planners.

Weekly Skills
Watch the videos below which are your new weekly skills videos. These are split into Foundation and Higher.

Week 6

New Higher - Week 6

New Foundation - Week 6 - Lesson 2

New Foundation - Week 6 - Lesson 1

Week 5

Higher - Week 5

Foundation - Week 5

Week 4

Higher - Week 4

Foundation - Week 4

Week 3

Higher - Week 3 

Foundation - Week 3 

Guide to Blended Learning
Watch the video below which gives an introduction to 'Blended Learning'.

Week 2

Higher - Week 2

Foundation - Week 2

Week 1

Higher - Week 1

Foundation - Week 1 

Scientific calculator
Here is a link to an online scientific calculator. You may find this useful for some of your Hegarty Maths work.


Lots of useful resources on all different topics. Click on the worksheets section and scroll down to any topic. Answers and videos are also provided.


You have been set tasks by your own class teacher in addition to the tasks in your booklets. If you have forgotten your password, email [email protected] to ask for help. 

Use these revision lists based on your target grades:

Classes 10F2 and F3

Complete the booklet on angles, equations and sequences.

Classes 10L3, L4 and F1

Complete the booklet on angels and equations.

Classes 10L1 and L2

Complete the booklet on angles, trigonometry and Pythagoras. Please use a calculator throughout.

documentSending your work to your teacher

You can send either a file (eg. a Word file or PowerPoint file) or a photograph of your handwritten work to your teacher.

You can send your message from any email account - it doesn't have to me your school account.

Make sure you include your name and your teacher's name in the subject of the email.

Send your email to:

[email protected]

Your teacher will then reply to you on the email address you emailed them from, so please make sure you are checking your emails.