Year 10 & 11 Computer Science

Activities to support your learning

Useful websites:

Pupil Portal
The content on Moodle has assignments attached to complete. These are questions from OCR exam builder.
This has content for all topics for you to use as revision material.

Craig n Dave
Craig 'n' Dave is a channel dedicated to computer science and all content is covered. You should make notes on the different topics.

This has links to a variety of lesson content and quizzes for you to test your knowledge.

Revision Video - Paper 1
This video covers topics that may appear in your paper 1 exam.

Revision Video - Paper 2
This video covers topics that may appear in your paper 2 exam.


documentSending your work to your teacher

You can send either a file (eg. a Word file or PowerPoint file) or a photograph of your handwritten work to your teacher.

You can send your message from any email account - it doesn't have to be your school account.

Make sure you include your name and your teacher's name in the subject of the email.

Send your email to:

Your teacher will then reply to you on the email address you emailed them from, so please make sure you are checking your emails.

If you need help with this, please click here.