Year 10 & 11 Cambridge National Sports Studies

Activities to support your learning

New LO4 - Watch the online lesson below on 'National Governing Bodies in Sport'Then complete this quiz.

LO3 - Watch the online lesson below on The importance of hosting major sporting events. Then complete this quiz.

LO2 - Watch this PowerPoint video on Olympic Values. Then complete this quiz.

LO1 - Look at the following PowerPoint on User Groups and Barriers to participation. Make sure you view it as a PowerPoint to hear the annotations.
Then, complete this quiz.

Access Showbie to send work to your teachers and your teachers can send work back.

RO51 - Exam
If you are re-sitting the exam on 13th May please use the revision resources for RO51. There are revision resources plus past exam papers for you to practise questions. 

Please continue to make changes to your coursework in particular complete LO2 and LO3 for the OAA unit. Once you have finished it, please upload to Showbie as quickly as possible. This will send Mrs Pedley an email and your teacher will then mark the work and send back if needed. Please keep checking the Showbie website and your app to see if your teachers have sent work back. Make the necessary changes and then re-upload.  

RO52 - Practical Sport

RO53 - Leadership

RO56 - OAA


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You can send either a file (eg. a Word file or PowerPoint file) or a photograph of your handwritten work to your teacher.

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Make sure you include your name and your teacher's name in the subject of the email.

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