Visit from Nicky Morgan MP

Carr Manor were recently visited by Nicky Morgan, who has been a Member of Parliament for Loughborough since 2010, as she came to see how Restorative
Practice has a positive impact in our school.

She met with RP pupils from years 7 – 11, who discussed how the schools restorative approach has helped them form positive relationships between themselves, other pupils and staff members. Pupils were really open and confident when speaking to Nicky, and were happy to share their experiences of Restorative Practice.

“Staff know us so well, they know how our experience has been in school and I think that’s really important in a school like this, to know your children well” – Zaiba, Year 10. “Having one teacher knowing your character (modelled in the schools coaching system) and one knowing you academically, is really important – they can give you good advice and help you with the path you want to go down in life.”

A particular shout out to AJ, Year 10, who spoke about improved relationships with staff and how attending the intervention sessions has helped him with his overall progress in school.

Nicky Morgan thanked the school for her visit, “It was a real pleasure to hear and see how the restorative practice at Carr Manor works and how enthusiastic the pupils and staff were. Your focus on relationships is exceptional. I wish you all the very best for the rest of the term and the years ahead and I will follow up on the issues we discussed.”

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