Flamborough Head and Bridlington

Year 10 went to Flamborough Head and Bridlington as part of their field work for Geography.

At Flamborough Head they looked at different coastal features; such as stacks, arches and wave-cut platforms. Pupils also inspected rock pool eco systems and found crabs and gobi fish.

In Bridlington, pupils compared the effectiveness of groynes and sea walls and measured the size of pebbles on the beach. They also looked at the attractions that make Bridlington such a popular Yorkshire tourist resort.


Year 10 Auschwitz Birkenau Camp Trip

Sixteen pupils in years 10 and 11 travelled to Poland from 10th - 12th July for a tour of Auschwitz Birkenau, the most lethal concentration and death camp used by the Nazis during the Holocaust. During the Second World War, it was responsible for over 1 million deaths, with the majority being Jewish people.

Pupils spent two days learning about the history of the Holocaust as well as Jewish life before, during and after the Holocaust.

They also learnt about the motivations behind such a horrific event and how it was allowed to happen, as well as conditions within the camp itself. Pupils displayed upmost respect and held challenging conversations throughout the trip, which they responded maturely and perceptively to.

Nyomi Bembridge, Year 10, said the trip was “an experience I’ll never forget.” The 16 pupils will be presenting their findings in House assemblies in early September, as well as their personal reactions to what they learnt.

Armley Mills Trip

Year 3 pupils had a trip to the Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills.

Pupils had the opportunity to experience some of the jobs children their age would have done in the Victorian era; scavenging scraps from beneath spinning machines, fixing broken bobbins and filling the machines with wool.

It was a great experience for Year 3 and the trip made them appreciate how much has changed since the Victorian era.

Maritime Museum Trip

30 Year 7 pupils went on a trip to the Merseyside Maritime Museum on 14th December, as a reward for their effort and motivation on the Titanic Learning Skills project.

The museum put on a play re-enacting the experience of a crew member (a quartermaster) who was on board the ship when it sank.

The pupils asked some challenging questions of the quartermaster, getting him to explain the decisions he had made when the Titanic was sinking. The pupils then went on a tour of the museums' Titanic exhibition.

Everyone conducted themselves excellently and was really inquisitive.