GCSE Results Day 2017

Once again, we are very proud of our Year 11 pupils and it was a pleasure to see them collecting their GCSE results, with the overwhelming majority of pupils meeting aspirational targets and significant numbers of children exceeding target grades across a broad range of different subject areas.

Darren Bello, who received three A’s, one 9, three B’s, one 8 and one 6

Darren Bello, who received three A’s, one 9, three B’s, one 8 and one 6

In addition, many pupils secured the highest grades in the new 9-1 grading system in English and maths and A*/ A grades in science, French, Spanish, geography, history, sociology, religious education, Arabic, Persian, Portuguese and general studies. These outcomes are a credit to the children, their families and the staff team for all of their hard work and support over the year.

Darren Bello, who received three A’s, one 9, three B’s, one 8 and one 6 said “I’m extremely happy with my results, it was a really nice surprise to open my envelope and see higher results than I expected for myself.” His advice to pupils starting Year 11 is “to not be afraid to step out beyond what people are telling you you can do. If you put the hard work and the determination in then you can achieve.” Darren is now going to Allerton High Sixth Form to study maths, biology, chemistry and music.

Maisha Begum and Shakra Ahmed

Maisha Begum and Shakra Ahmed

Maisha Begum, who received one A*, four A’s, two 9’s and one 6, emphasised how important the intervention sessions were to her. “I went to every single intervention session and my grades are proof that it works.”

All their achievements demonstrate the hard work and effort from all involved. We are particularly pleased that the vast majority of pupils are now in a position to access their preferred pathway next year, be it further education, training or employment.

Paul Omodeinde, who received two A*s, three A’s, three 8’s and a C

Paul Omodeinde, who received two A*s, three A’s, three 8’s and a C

Shakra Ahmed wants to go into a career in Restorative Justice, after being an RP rep at Carr Manor Community School. She said, “I’d like to thanks the teachers who were willing to stay back to help us in their own time and everyone around me who has supported me.”

We have heard of the many successes of ex-pupils this summer who are going on to a range of training and employment opportunities, as well as the many going to universities across the country, including; Oxford, Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, London School of Economics and University College London.

Carr Manor Dash 2017

A massive congratulations to Robinson House who were the overall Carr Manor Dash winners of 2017!

Bremner House, who weren't able to hold onto their title from last year, came 2nd, whilst Tomlinson came 3rd and Trueman took 4th place.

To compete in the Dash, pupils took part in time trials in their PE lessons and the fastest pupils qualified to race around school.

There were four races in total, KS3 girls and boys races and KS4 girls and KS4 boys races.

The best times from each race were then totaled up and the overall winner, in this case Robinson House, was decided.

Those who weren't running created banners in Coaching+ lessons to cheer on and encourage their House representatives. It was lovely to see how much effort had been put into the banners and how much support pupils had for those running.

A big well done to all those involved and it was a brilliant afternoon of sportsmanship! 

Eddie Gray Visit For Bremner House Relaunch

Eddie Gray visited us at Carr Manor Community School for the relaunch of our Bremner House.

Eddie, who was voted the third greatest Leeds United player of all time in 2000, was welcomed into school by the Bremner House Captains and Head of House, Miss Walker.

Bremner House, named after Billy Bremner, Eddie’s club captain at Leeds United, is the fourth and final House to be re-launched here at Carr Manor, following Robinson, Tomlinson and Trueman.

Eddie spent time with Year 4, who were testing out their newly acquired football skills. The pupils received some excellent tips from Eddie to help them improve their dribbling skills, such as keeping their heads high at all times. He referred back to his advice from Don Revie, who told him to “always remember the three C’s – courage, confidence and concentration.”

He also judged a primary arts and crafts competition, where pupils decorated either the Leeds United logo or the Bremner House logo. Eddie chose the winning design due to it's simplicity and neatness.

The Bremner Vice Captains and House Captains then introduced Eddie to our school values, spoke to him about our Coaching system and showed him photos of the different sporting events we hold throughout the year.

To finish his visit, Eddie spoke in the Bremner House assembly, saying “I hope you all feel proud to be part of the Bremner household here, because I know it was a privilege and a pleasure for me to play with Bremner.”

“I just hope that it’s an inspiration to you to represent such a great man and a great leader.”

Following on from Eddie’s speech, Miss Walker, Head of Bremner House, said “what Eddie spoke about today regarding Billy Bremner’s character is completely what we represent here at Carr Manor Community School. It is all about character, enthusiasm, and being the most motivated person that you can be. I am really proud to be the representative of a House, of a man, that clearly was the epitome of that.”

Primary Expansion

We are delighted to inform parents and carers that the proposal to expand our school and establish SEN provision is now moving to the next stage.

If you wish to read the report which was presented to the Council’s Executive Board on 19th October, please follow the link.

A copy of the Statutory Notice is attached here and anyone who wishes to comment or object can do so within four weeks of the date of publication of these proposals, by 4pm on 19th December 2016, either in writing to;

Sufficiency and Participation Team
Leeds City Council, c/o Leeds Town Hall
PO Box 837, Leeds, LS1 9PZ

or by emailing educ.school.organisation@leeds.gov.uk.


GCSE Results 2016


We are pleased to inform you that once again, the exiting Year 11 received a very strong set of GCSE results this year, with a further increase in the number of children attaining 5 or more A*-C GCSEs (50%), against a national decline in pass rates.

We are especially pleased with the very good levels of progress made by pupils across a wide range of subjects where the overwhelming majority of pupils met aspirational targets with significant numbers exceeding targets. The subjects include the core areas of English, maths, triple sciences, RE, sociology, French (and ‘home’ languages), geography, PE, art, performing arts and business.

It was a pleasure to see the pupils proud to receive their results in August and to know that they are all able to access their chosen pathways with confidence. These outcomes are a credit to the children, their families and staff team for all their hard work and support over the year.

DSC_0182 edit

Chanelle Johnstone and Emma Kalumba received excellent results

With three A*s, five A’s, two B’s, a Distinction* and a Distinction, Chanelle Johnstone, who was awarded the Governors Award at our Presentation Afternoon in July, also had a very successful morning.

I have been waiting all summer for my results and I am very happy with them. I did really well and gained the grades I wanted”. 

Chanelle was impressed with her results, and when speaking about her revision schedule, she said “During my time at Carr Manor, I attended after school revision, used MyMaths, BBC Bitesize, cue cards and watched YouTube videos. I also took short breaks when revising at home to help me process the information. My advice to new Year 11’s would be to start revising right now, it’s all worth it!”

DSC_0116- editcrop

Sanjay Bharath obtained high grades with the Teachers support

Chanelle plans on studying chemistry, biology and maths at Roundhay School’s Sixth Form.

Sanjay Bharath was another high achiever, as he obtained one A*, three A’s, three B’s, one C and a Merit, Distinction* and Pass.

Sanjay attended intervention after school to further his revision schedule, and said he was “able to obtain these results due to the support given by the Teachers at Carr Manor”.

He is planning to study at Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form College in Leeds.

We also obtained impressive results in other school years, as our Year 10 pupils received grades in 17 separate non-core subjects with many impressive outcomes for pupils. This year computer science, GCSE PE and Spanish attained the strongest results.

Our younger pupils have also achieved good results this year in Reception (Good Levels of Development); Year 1 (Phonics) and Year 2 (SATs) showing continued improvement and in line with national levels.

Visit to Carr Manor Community School of Councillor Yeadon and colleagues from Lampton School

Councillor Yeadon, Deputy Leader of Leeds City Council, visited Carr Manor Community School on Monday 1st February alongside Chris Salter and Annie Henken from Lampton School in Hounslow.

During their time with us, they visited some coaching groups and met with some of our Restorative Practice representatives who spoke about how we have successfully embedded RP into our school.

We very much enjoyed showing the visitors around Carr Manor and are proud that the teachers from Lampton School wish to share our practices within their own school.

Thank you to everyone involved with this visit.

Councillor Yeadon Visit 4

Councillor Yeadon, Chris Salter and Annie Henken with the RP representatives

Proposal to Increase Primary Phase Places at Carr Manor Community School

Leeds City Council is consulting on a proposal to expand Carr Manor Community School from a capacity of 210 to 420 pupils in the primary phase and to increase the admission limit in Reception from 30 to 60 pupils from September 2017. The consultation will also include establishing some Special Educational Needs provision at the school.

The consultation period commences on Monday 14th September 2015 and closes on Friday 9th October 2015 at 4 p.m. During this time informal drop-in session for parents, carers and residents to learn more about the proposal and ask any questions will be held.

Meetings details: Drop-in sessions (to be held in the primary phase building – access off Stainbeck Lane):

  • Thursday 17 September 6.00pm-7.30pm
  • Tuesday 22 September 3.00pm-4.30pm
  • Friday 2 October 8.00am-9.30am

GCSE Results: 2015 Headlines

High achievers: Twins Rhea and Lauren Jackson with Caleb Dodd.

High achievers: Twins Rhea and Lauren Jackson with Caleb Dodd.

Every pupil at Carr Manor Community School has secured a place in the next stage of their education or career after collecting positive GCSE results.

English results were particularly strong at 62.1 per cent A* to C, the best the school has ever had, with unprecedented numbers of pupils exceeding what was expected of them.

All the humanities subjects performed well, History, Sociology, and Religious Education in particular.

Principal Jane Emmett said: “We are really proud of the pupils, and all of their hard work has put them in a really strong position to embark on the next stage of their education or career.

“All of the children have secured a place at their desired destination, achieving the grades they needed to get where they want to be.”

Executive principal Simon Flowers added: “In addition to the pupils hard work and success we are grateful to the excellent staff group here at Carr Manor Community School who have worked tirelessly with the children and with their families, demonstrating a real commitment to every child making at least expected progress and finding the correct pathway.”

There were also notable achievements in Mathematics, especially in Statistics, in which 100 per cent of the children sitting the exam passed.

Almost 50 per cent of the Year 11 cohort has left school with a language qualification, and some of the Year 10 cohort took GCSE exams in Science and General Studies, with 28 and 113 respectively achieving a grade.

Twins Rhea and Lauren Jackson achieved extraordinary results and will be moving onto college in September.

Rhea obtained five A*s, five As, a B, a Distinction Star, and a Pass, and will be studying Biology, Chemistry, Geography, and Business at sixth form with a view to going into Medicine or Business.

She said: “I was really happy to get the results I did, it’s great because I put in a lot of work so it’s nice to see how that has paid off.

“I hoped to do this well and it’s a big relief because I was worried about some of my subjects. They were pretty hard but I got a lot of support from my teachers.”

Lauren gained one A*, seven As, three Bs, one C, a Distinction Star, and a Pass, and she will be going onto Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form College to study

Alya Adekola obtained strong results.

Alya Adekola obtained strong results.

Biology, Chemistry, History, and Sociology.

She said: “I was quite nervous when I first opened my results. I felt quite confident about some of the exams but there were a few that I was unsure about, so I was surprised.

“The revision was hard to keep up with but I kept thinking about results day and I had help from people around me too, so it was hard but it was definitely worth it.”

Rhea and Lauren’s dad Lee said a partnership between the school and his family was a key factor in their success, in addition to their own hard work and parental support.

He said: “One of the school’s values is to know their children well and the staff at Carr Manor Community School know Rhea and Lauren really well.

“It has been great that my daughters have done so well and that has happened through a partnership – we have done what we can at home and the school has been there as a support and point of contact for all of us.”

With 10 A*s, two As, a B, a Distinction Star, and a Pass, Ben Johnson collected phenomenal results from Carr Manor Community School.

“I know I worked hard and I felt like I was going to do all right, but there is always a worry, so I’m really pleased,” he said.

“I’m considering medicine after college, but those GCSEs can do a lot for me and hopefully open some other doors for me.”

Ben will be studying Maths, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics from September.