Year 9 Study School

Activities to support your learning

Sports and Society

Padlet for Health & Social Care or CAMNAT Sport
This padlet has workbooks with tasks that will give some pre-learning for the accelerator options for Health &Social Care and CAMNAT Sport.

If you are choosing to study Sociology, you can chose some of the following tasks that you'd like to focus on that will help you prepare. Note that the main topics in Sociology are family, education, psychological theories and crime. Select a topic to research and complete the tasks that are relevant to this:

  • Complete a research task with the title ‘Types of School’. Research the different types of school that we have in the UK and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of state schools V private schools. Produce a PowerPoint presentation about this topic.
  • Create a poster which describes the theories of Marxism, Functionalism and Feminism. These are difficult topics which you may need to read over a few times in order to make notes.
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation, video or poster on different types of families. Research lone parent family, extended family, empty nest family, same sex family and nuclear family. Which type of family do you live in? Extension – research relative deprivation and how this could link to family.