Sam’s Safari Visit

Reception and Year 1 pupils were lucky enough to be visited by Sam’s Safari.

The Year 1 children had a lovely afternoon exploring and learning about new animals. Linked with their big topic question ‘What surprises would you find if you went down to the woods today?‘ the children saw animals from woodlands all over the world! Pupils have been learning about the classification of animals and whether they are carnivores, omnivores or herbivores.

Reception pupils also had a brilliant day, and got to meet, learn about and handle lots of different animals. They met Sally the Giant African land snail, who was huge and super slimy, Tony the Tiger Salamander, who had the best smile and was very soft and Barry the Blue Tongued skink, who tried to pretend he was a snake by hiding his legs!

All the pupils had a fabulous time and were very appreciative to Sam’s Safari for taking the time to come and visit us!

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