Building Relationships

A community functions and succeeds because of strong relationships, and several of the initiatives at Carr Manor Community School are focused on building and working on them.

At our last inspection, Ofsted said: “Strong, respectful relationships between adults and pupils are the cornerstone on which the school’s success is built.”

One way in which we achieve that success is through restorative practice. To build trust and community we have adopted this particular way of working with each other and restorative practice ensures we offer a high level of support to pupils and staff, as well as challenging teaching and learning to improve performance and outcomes.

Conversations between pupils and staff based on these principles means that everyone is aware of what is expected and what is acceptable, as well as what can be done to resolve any difficulties.Since restorative practice was taken up at Carr Manor Community School, attendance has increased and the number of exclusions has fallen. We see this as a result of the stronger relationships forged through an increased level of respect and understanding and a better way of working together. Pupils can therefore enjoy and achieve in their learning.

Another aspect of school life is our ‘Crew Characteristics’ badges, which recognise members of the school community who are taking on and developing a leading role in the ‘crew’. Every fortnight the Coaching Chronicle lists the pupils and staff who have been nominated for the role of a leader, guide, coach, teacher, director, role model, or inspiration.

When five nominations have been received, enamel badges are given out so those who have achieved a positive outcome are rewarded for their efforts. Stickers are also awarded on a regular basis and pupils have responded positively to this acknowledgement of their success.