Pupil Support

Many children at some point in their school life will have a special need of some kind. At Carr Manor Community School, whatever your child’s needs and abilities, our staff will be matching their work to help them reach their full potential.

Our school has a very diverse community of pupils with more than 50 languages represented, and we continually monitor the inclusion and progress of all children in all groups. We aim to ensure that each child has access to a broad, balanced, and rewarding education through which they can meet their goals and achieve positive outcomes.

Within school there are members of support staff available to provide guidance on well-being, bereavement, family support, sexual health, personal development, academic support and careers, in addition to general help and support from coaches and year teams.

The ‘Carr Manor Young Carer Policy’ has been created by some of our young carers at school to ensure there is someone in school to listen, someone to understand, someone to talk to, someone to trust, and someone to help get pupils the education they deserve.

In times of illness our school can provide a named person in school for pupils, parents, and carers to talk to, as well as signpost to agencies who can provide specialist advice and support.

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