Physical Education

Activities to support your learning

National School Sport Week

Here are some activities for you to get involved with as part of National School Sport Week. If you take part, don't forget to let the PE team know!

New Yoga with Mrs Pedley

New Hand Eye Coordination with Miss Robinson

New Egg and Spoon Challenge with Mr Skinner

New Speed, Agility and Quickness with Mr Brogie

New HIIT workout with Mr Dixon

Visit this website to try out some free, online Yoga:


Click here to take the 'striking and fielding' quiz.

Click here to take the 'Components of fitness' quiz - you will need the code 1012449

Click here to take the short term effects of exercise quiz - you will need the code 973037

Take these quizzes that are linked to different sports. You can take these more than once to try and improve your score.
Table tennis

eLearning Pack 2: 6th - 19th April
Click the link above to access the next set of activities you can be completing.

Try to complete 30 minutes of physical activity per day so that you are keeping your fitness levels up. This will also have a positive impact on your mood as exercise releases endorphins which have a proven positive influence on mood.

Here are some free online workouts you can do from home:

The Body Coach

The Fitness Blender


Why not create your own workouts too?

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