Merit Assemblies and House Cup

On the last day of term we held our Merit Assemblies and One World Day celebrations, which rounded off another fantastic year at Carr Manor Community School.

In the Merit Assemblies, pupils were rewarded for excelling in their school work, having excellent attendance levels and their participation in Flexible Learning clubs. Pupils received vouchers to spend outside of school and stationary sets as a well done for their commitment and determination throughout the last year.

There was a lovely atmosphere during our One World Day celebrations, as the whole school came together to watch our performers and eat some lovely food. We celebrated the different cultures in school and it was a brilliant opportunity for pupils to spend time together before the summer holidays began. Even our Primary Phase got involved with the dancing!

This years House Points competition came to an end as the overall winners were announced. A huge well done to Bremner who came 1st, beating Robinson who came 2nd, Tomlinson who came 3rd and Trueman who came 4th. This is the first year Bremner House have won the House Points Cup so it was lovely to see them come to victory after their win at our Carr Manor Dash and near win at Sports Day 2016.

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