Lose The Booths

On Saturday 25th January, we hosted the Lose The Booths event here at Carr Manor Community School, which is part of a campaign to stop the use of isolation booths in schools across the UK.

Nearly 200 visitors, which included teachers, headteachers, Councillors and researchers were in attendance. The event was attended by the national media, including Tes and the BBC's The One Show.

There were keynotes and workshops held throughout the day, including one from our Executive Principal, Simon Flowers, on 'Relational practice, zero exclusions, no booths: The Carr Manor way.'

Alex Sobel, MP for Leeds North West, also attended the conference and spoke about his want for a blanket ban on booths, "I feel that the use of isolation is cruel and demeaning for children and it undermines those children’s self-esteem and ability to progress.” 

You can read more about the event and campaign at https://www.tes.com/news/call-clearer-dfe-guidance-isolation-schools and https://schoolsweek.co.uk/mp-wants-ban-on-cruel-and-demeaning-isolation-booths/.

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