Letter to year 10 families 2020-06-12

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12th June 2020

Dear parent/carers of Year 10,

Below is a list of questions to help you prepare for your child’s return to school.

What safety measures are in place at school?
Social distancing measures are in place in all spaces including classrooms. Staff will be guiding pupils to follow these measures effectively. Hygiene stations are in place in key locations around school. Pupils will be working with small groups for most of the day, and in larger spaces where social distancing is possible, in adherence to the current guidelines provided by the government.

How should my child travel to school?
Public transport is running. The latest guidance suggests wearing masks / face coverings (e.g. bandanas) on public transport. There will be space to park bikes. Outdoor travel is recommended where possible. The car park will be open for drop off and pick up.

What equipment should they bring?
All stationery will be provided; however we ask pupils to bring in their own headphones for use on computers.

How are children going to be moving around school?
There will be clear guidance on movement around school, including signs and reminders of distance. There will be a clear routine to ensure pupils and staff are safe. We will outline this on the day.

Yours sincerely

James Dunford
Senior Assistant Principal (Outcomes and Engagement)