Letter to all families 2020-11-06

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6th November 2020

Dear families,

I hope that you are safe and well.

We have made a good start to the second half term of this academic year, and it is good to see so many pupils returning focused and ready for the weeks ahead.


Covid 19 requirements

If your child has Covid 19 symptoms then you must keep your child at home until the symptoms have gone.

If you have taken your child for a Covid test then you must inform the school. Do not send your child to school until you have received a negative test result. In the case of a positive test result, do not send your child back to school until the self-isolation period has been completed.

Thank you to families of pupils attending Year 7 to 11 for your continued support ensuring that your child arrives at school wearing a suitable face covering. Face coverings are to be worn when in indoor communal spaces by all Secondary Phase pupils and we appreciate your ongoing cooperation with this.

Start and end of school day drop off/collections

Thank you to our Primary Phase parents for your continued support in keeping our children safe when picking up and dropping off, by parking safely, socially distancing when waiting and leaving promptly. We appreciate how this has helped keep the children safe and in school. We miss seeing you every day in the playground and classrooms and look forward to when that will happen again! In the meantime, your continued adherence to safety measures is necessary and appreciated.

Primary Phase Open Evening

We are delighted that we have had so much interest in our primary open event due to be held on Wednesday 18th November. Although disappointed that we cannot physically tour families, we do look forward to school leaders and pupils being able to share information about joining our Reception class and talking about our school, our values and our ethos.

For more information, please see our website https://www.carrmanor.org.uk/reception-open-events-2020/.

Extended school day

Pupils may be offered the opportunity to attend additional learning activities as an extension of the school day. If your child is invited to be part of these activities, they will remain in year group bubbles.


To ensure that classrooms remain well ventilated, teaching and coaching spaces may be cooler than usual and therefore we would encourage pupils to wear additional layers underneath their usual school uniform. Coats are still not permitted in classrooms, however additional clothing such as t shirts, vests, jumpers etc worn underneath usual uniform is permitted and encouraged as we progress through the autumn term.

Year 2 Phonics

In the Summer of 2020, all primary assessments were cancelled by the Government, including the Y1 phonics screening check. Schools have to provide the information for the phonics check in the Autumn term instead. Therefore, Y2 will take part in a phonics screening check during this half term. Results are to be recorded for national figures, not as individual results. Y2 parents will receive further information soon.

Year 8 Midterm assessments

Year 8 pupils will be undertaking a series of in-class assessments throughout w/c 16th November and w/c 24th November. These assessments are to enable us to plan the support and progress for the Year 8 pupils and will inform the progress reports issued at the end of this term.

Year 11 Parent and Carers’ Consultation Evening

We will be in touch with parents/carers of Year 11 pupils shortly to advise how we will be running the consultation evening on 25th November. Year 11 pupils sat their first set of mock examinations prior to the half term break and will be completing their series of mocks throughout the final week of November.

Thank you for your support.

Kind regards,

Lucie Lakin