Letter to all families 2020-10-14

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14th October 2020

Dear families,

I hope you and your family are well. Please see some updates below:

Meet Your Coach week

Thank you to all families currently making appointments for ‘Meet Your Coach’ telephone meetings and to those families (with pupils in Reception, Year 6, Year 7 and Year 11) booking a ‘Meet Your Coach’ meeting in school for week commencing 19th October.

For any family invited to a meeting onsite, please ensure that you have an allotted appointment and that you attend at the allocated time to enable us to run the meetings efficiently and as safely as possible. Your support with this is appreciated.

Love Sports Week

Your child will have been involved in a variety of sporting activities this week, as they compete for their House and sporting pride! Despite some inclement weather, the vast majority of events will be able to be facilitated and we look forward to announcing which house has been victorious in this first through school House Competition of the academic year.


Congratulations to the latest cohort of Year 6 pupils who have successfully completed their ‘bikeability’ course. This is an important opportunity for pupils to learn how to enjoy cycling safely on the roads and well done to all those taking part.


Following two more confirmed cases (unconnected) of pupils testing positive for COVID 19 over the weekend, we have made the decision to ask additional pupils to self-isolate. If your child has been contacted and asked to self-isolate, please ensure that they are accessing on-line work from their class teachers, which will have been sent to them via their secure CMCS personal email.

Please ensure that your child (Secondary Phase) wears a face covering when moving around school in indoor communal areas.

All pupils should continue to adhere to the guidance on hand washing and hand sanitising and we are proud of the mature and cooperative way all our pupils continue to work together to minimise the spread of the virus.

We have also had one member of staff with a confirmed positive test. Public Health England are confident in our response and actions following this and we continue to follow all necessary guidance to support our staff and pupils.

A test for COVID 19 should be taken only if a pupil displays symptoms. If you have had your child tested and are waiting for the result, it is essential that they do not come to school until the result is known, even if your child feels well and is no longer displaying symptoms.

We look forward to speaking with you as part of Meet Your Coach week and hope you and your family remain safe and healthy.

Upper Key Stage 2

We are proud to maintain a really strong through curriculum offer at this time. Primary children are benefitting from the specialist provision that is such an important part of our offer. Our emphasis on safety has allowed children to access this in a broader bubbled group. Children in Upper Key Stage 2 are enjoying and achieving as part our well-developed carousel offer using secondary resources and skills across a range of subjects including DT, Music, Science and more. We thank you for your support in this approach and your positive feedback about your children’s positive experiences. This will support us as we move into times of more unpleasant weather, allowing children a much superior playground experience in a large shared Upper Key Stage 2 space, with exclusive access to the secondary grounds – very popular with the children!

Progress Reports

Your child’s progress report is an important capture of their attitude towards their learning and their progress achieved this half term. Please ensure that you have spoken with your child about their report, to recognise their achievements and accomplishments as well as discuss areas for focus and improvement.

Thank you for your support.

Kind regards,

Lucie Lakin