Letter to all families 2020-05-25

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25th May 2020

Dear families

We hope you are well.

Following the Government’s announcements at the weekend, we can now confirm the outline plans for the ‘re-opening’ of the school.

Carr Manor Community School has been open every day since the Government ‘closed’ schools on Friday 20th March. We have been working with pupils deemed to be the most vulnerable and those whose parents are key workers. We will continue to do this at both the Primary and the Secondary Phase throughout the summer term.

Early this week, we will have completed the risk assessment process for ‘re-opening’ the school to pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. We believe that we can open the school safely over a stagger of a week and a half. The first two days after half term (1 st and 2nd June), will be an opportunity to orientate staff to the new ways of working in school and to make the necessary final changes to the school environment. In order to reduce risks, we have already made significant changes to the classrooms and equipment.

3rd June will be the first day that Year 6 children will be able to come to school. On the 8th June, Year 1 pupils will be able to start attending and Reception children on the 10th June. Parents have the choice whether or not to send their child to school over this period. For organisational purposes, we will be asking you to inform us if you intend sending your child to school and from which date.

Mrs Harkness will be writing to all Primary Phase families to explain in more detail how school will operate and what we expect of parents/carers should you choose to send your child to school. We will also outline any new expectations of the children.

Clearly, we have never worked in these conditions before and we will be learning and adapting quickly. The likelihood is that in order to manage the children in this new environment, the majority of primary staff will be involved in school after half term and therefore the number of staff able to develop and deliver ‘remote learning’ will be reduced. We will make every attempt to keep remote learning at the levels you have been used to these past 9 weeks.

We are expecting to provide some on-site contact with our Year 10 pupils in order to undertake a well-being and academic check-in with each pupil, and reassure them about their GCSE courses moving forward into Year 11. It is important that all pupils, particularly those studying for examinations soon, engage fully and thoroughly with the comprehensive offer of eLearning resources available via our website.

I anticipate that we will be contacting Year 10 parents in the first week back after half term and the contact, likely to be via small group tutorials, will begin week commencing 15th June.

We recognise that this will be a period of uncertainty and change for all pupils and families. For those invited to attend sessions in school, we know that it will not look like the school we left back in March, although the same friendly staff and warm welcome will await you as we work under the necessary conditions. Likewise, for those year groups studying from home, we know that you miss your school friends, school staff and school experience and we will continue to stay in touch with you and support you to keep making progress at home as best we can.

Finally, I thank you for the many ways you have supported the school over this period of change and uncertainty. Your messages of encouragement and thanks have meant a great deal to all the staff and governors.

Yours sincerely

Simon Flowers
Executive Principal

Lucie Lakin