Afrobeatzz at Yorkshire School Games

A lovely morning was had on 2nd July at the annual Yorkshire School Games, where Afrobeatzz were opening the ceremony with choreography old and new.

They showcased their winning act from the KS3 dance competition they won earlier on in the year, and their new choreography from One World Day.

The girls were exemplary and showed high quality practice and performance and got the crowds cheering ready for the games.

Following their dance successes this year, the girls were presented with the School Performance Award at our Presentation Afternoon.

Year 11 Prom

Our Year 11 leavers had their midnight masquerade themed prom in June at the Hilton Hotel in Leeds.

It was a brilliant night to celebrate the end of their GCSE Exams and reminisce over their 5 years at Carr Manor Community School. On the night, there were both pupil and staff awards, a special prom edition of CarrManorTV and lots of photos being taken!

What a lovely way for pupils to end their school year and it's definitely a night they'll remember.

Year 11 Stand Down

On Friday 18th May, our Year 11 pupils were stood down from Carr Manor Community School. It's a long standing tradition that pupils are surprised with their stand down date, and this year was no different.

This means pupils will now just be attending school for revision sessions and their GCSE exams, before their Year 11 Prom in June.

Pupils were given 'Class of 2013 - 2018' t-shirts, which they had signed by fellow Year 11's and members of staff, who wrote farewell and good luck messages. Pupils had the chance to take photos with each other whilst reminiscing about their 5 years at Carr Manor.

We wish all our pupils the best of luck with their GCSE Exams and look forward to seeing them at their Year 11 Prom.

Sam’s Safari Visit

Reception and Year 1 pupils were lucky enough to be visited by Sam’s Safari.

The Year 1 children had a lovely afternoon exploring and learning about new animals. Linked with their big topic question ‘What surprises would you find if you went down to the woods today?‘ the children saw animals from woodlands all over the world! Pupils have been learning about the classification of animals and whether they are carnivores, omnivores or herbivores.

Reception pupils also had a brilliant day, and got to meet, learn about and handle lots of different animals. They met Sally the Giant African land snail, who was huge and super slimy, Tony the Tiger Salamander, who had the best smile and was very soft and Barry the Blue Tongued skink, who tried to pretend he was a snake by hiding his legs!

All the pupils had a fabulous time and were very appreciative to Sam’s Safari for taking the time to come and visit us!

Carr Manor Dash

The fourth annual Carr Manor Dash took place on Friday 4th May, which saw the first ever primary runners also getting involved in the competition.

Well done to all the runners – you were fantastic competitors and brilliant representatives for your House. It was also lovely to see pupils and staff cheering on their Houses and showing lots of support and encouragement.

There were 24 runners in total, representing Key Stages 2,3 and 4, who were selected via time trials they completed in their PE lessons.

The overall winners, based on the runners combined times, were Bremner House, who have now claimed their 2nd victory in only the fourth year of the competition.

Year 4 and 5 Residential

A very excited group of year 4 and 5 children had a fantastic time at our first ever Primary residential. All 39 children and 4 staff traveled to Peak Venture in
Kingswood where they stayed for two nights.

The children learned valuable team work and communication skills as they conquered the high ropes, screamed themselves silly on the 3G swing, abseiled
down the Kingswood tower and shot bows and arrows like Robin Hood! For some, however, the biggest challenge was back in the dorms where children had to make their own beds!

Great fun was had by all and a new tradition set at Carr Manor Community School's Primary Phase. We can't wait for the next one!

Carr Manor Goes To Iceland

Five pupils in Years 10 and 11 went on a bursary funded trip to Iceland, in partnership with Discover The World and the Geographical Association.

The trip, which aimed to bring the geography tectonic hazards topic to life, provided pupils with the opportunity to go caving in the lava tunnels, see one of the largest waterfalls in the world, the Gullfoss waterfall, and experience standing on a Mid-Atlantic Ridge which is between two tectonic plates moving 4cm apart each year.

“I thought the views in Iceland were incredible and I learnt a lot from the trip. We visited one of the largest waterfalls in Iceland … I was in awe as I had never seen anything like it.” – Safia Lees, Year 11 pupil.

The trip, which hoped to educate and inspire pupils to appreciate the natural beauty and spectacle of Iceland’s natural phenomena, was put on by Discover The World, an award-winning company that offer tailor made school trips and resources.

“I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to go on this trip. Iceland brought many wonders and I experienced some things which will stick by me for the rest of my life. The sights, scenery and landscape were overwhelming.” – Rasi Mizori, Year 11.

The immersive visit meant their classroom experiences have been brought to life, helping them prepare for their upcoming GCSE’s.

“The pupils were exemplary and embodied the Carr Manor Community School spirit on the visit.” – Mr Nock, geography teacher.


Visit from Nicky Morgan MP

Carr Manor were recently visited by Nicky Morgan, who has been a Member of Parliament for Loughborough since 2010, as she came to see how Restorative
Practice has a positive impact in our school.

She met with RP pupils from years 7 – 11, who discussed how the schools restorative approach has helped them form positive relationships between themselves, other pupils and staff members. Pupils were really open and confident when speaking to Nicky, and were happy to share their experiences of Restorative Practice.

“Staff know us so well, they know how our experience has been in school and I think that’s really important in a school like this, to know your children well” – Zaiba, Year 10. “Having one teacher knowing your character (modelled in the schools coaching system) and one knowing you academically, is really important – they can give you good advice and help you with the path you want to go down in life.”

A particular shout out to AJ, Year 10, who spoke about improved relationships with staff and how attending the intervention sessions has helped him with his overall progress in school.

Nicky Morgan thanked the school for her visit, “It was a real pleasure to hear and see how the restorative practice at Carr Manor works and how enthusiastic the pupils and staff were. Your focus on relationships is exceptional. I wish you all the very best for the rest of the term and the years ahead and I will follow up on the issues we discussed.”

Army Supercamp

After the success of the previous Army residential in October, pupils from Carr Manor Community School were invited back to Catterick Garrison, the largest British Army garrison in the world, for an Army Supercamp Challenge.

The camp was for Year 10 and 11 pupils, with 38 pupils attending in total, either for the first time or returning for their second visit. We travelled down on Monday and once we arrived and had been issued our army uniforms, Bergen’s and sleeping bags, we had an icebreaker activity where we heard about some of the Army staff’s backgrounds and shared our own aspirations, likes and dislikes and funny stories.

Tuesday’s wake up time was a very early 6am, followed by a tough walk through the wind and rain to start the day’s activities. Pupils had the opportunity to hear about the different careers available to them in the army, then it was onto the indoor shooting range where pupils’ observation skills and reaction times were tested. Later it was back outside in the cold weather to learn about Improvised Explosive Devices, camouflage and spotting hidden objects hidden in the woods. The day ended with sporting activities, including wall climbing, basketball shooting, hoop throwing and more.

Wednesday was an even earlier wake up of 5:30am, before we ventured off to get ready for the assault course. Prior to this, pupils spoke to some Army Medics and learnt about the different career paths that involve medicine in the Army. They also took part in a Crime Scene Investigation with the Royal Military Police, where they had to identify exactly what had happened in a crime scene involving an injured soldier, a witness and a key suspect.

A group of VIP’s were at the Garrison as they came to experience how the Supercamp had given pupils an insight into the Army life. There was also a reporter from ITV Calendar News, who interviewed some pupils and filmed us taking part in the assault course which was featured on the 6 o’clock news! You can see the news segment here. A big well done to all the pupils who took part in the assault course – it was a very tough, muddy and cold experience but one that once completed, gave pupils a real sense of achievement and pride. They jumped from heights, ran through waist-high muddy water, climbed under and over beams and ended the course crawling through mud!

To round off the experience, there was an awards ceremony which presented each pupil with a certificate for the successful completion of the camp.

The Supercamp, which was ran by the 4th Infantry Brigade, was a brilliant experience for pupils to build their teamwork, confidence and social-skills whilst taking part in fun but challenging activities. All pupils showed resilience on the trip as despite the cold weather and strict army regime, they showed true Carr Manor spirit and put 100% into every task.


Dance Competitions

Our dance groups have been very successful recently, representing Carr Manor Community School in a variety of competitions and performances across Leeds.

dance group kick off

Kick Off Boys Dance Group

Band photoYear 9 girls dance group ‘Afrobeatz’ and Year 7 and 8 band ‘Falling Through Cloud 9’ performed at Leeds Got Talent on 7th March, displaying some very high quality performances and receiving lots of positive feedback. A beautiful moment came at the end of the evening when our pupils were dancing with the other competitors.

The ‘Kick Off/United’ boys dance group attended the Northern School Of Contemporary Dance’s Community Dance Platform, which celebrated the diversity of community dance in the region. They performed in collaboration with DAZL Leeds, PDT Education and LCC Dance and received lots of praise on their energetic and captivating performance. The group then performed again at Morley Town Hall as part of DAZL’s Yorkshire Connection Show.

More success came from the KS3 Dance Competition at Temple Moor High School, where Carr Manor exploded onto the stage with the most diverse set of pupils attending, which the judges commented on. We took four acts to the competition and the first to perform were Nex Gen, who performed a contemporary dance piece, with solos from Rosa and Chloe. Next up were Afrobeatz, who received amazing cheers from the audience as one of our pupils initiated the dance. Michelle gave the performance of her life with a fantastic solo and it was amazing to see how much the girls confidence had grown since Leeds Got Talent.

United Boys

United Boys

Our third group to perform were the boys dance crew 'United', whose timing was impeccable and even with little dance experience

Nxt Gen

Nxt Gen

they were professional and mature throughout the evening. Last but not least saw our pupil choreography with Nex Gen, choreographed by Nyomi in Year 10 as part of her Duke of Edinburgh award. The pupils did her proud, with an excellent solo from Duayne and a flying high finish from Lailaa to end a top notch show. All the performances on the night were excellent, and we were honoured to be the only school to receive two awards. United won best concept and Afrobeatz we were the overall winners, meaning they will now represent Carr Manor and the school sports partnership at the Yorkshire School games this summer to hundreds of school athletes!

Afrobeatz Winners

Afrobeatz Winners

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