Language Of The Month

At Carr Manor Community School we are proud of our diversity and the vast number of languages spoken across both phrases. In the Primary Phase alone we speak over 30 different languages. As a whole school, there are over 50 languages spoken! We celebrate our diversity in many ways across both phases with different religious assemblies, Big Learning Questions that focus on celebrating ourselves and our whole school One World Day celebrations.

Each month in the Primary Phase we learn a new language that is spoken by one of our children. Every child and adult learns some key phrases and a little bit about the country where the language is spoken. Our Primary ‘experts’ in the language have the responsibility for helping teach the rest of their class. Parents and families are invited into school to teach children about their culture and read stories during Language Of The Month time. Look at what our children had to say about Language of the Month in the Primary Phase:

“Everybody is learning different languages and it’s good for our communication. I like being an expert because it feels good to teach and help people and I feel proud teaching everybody Kurdish.” Dana, Kurdish expert in Year 5.

“I think it’s really exciting learning new languages. I can remember lots of different phrases.” Josh, Year 5.

“When we go to new places we can speak a bit of their language and make new friends.” Theo, Year 5.

You can see below the languages we have learnt so far. Please click the flags to go to each language. We hope you enjoy listening to our language experts!

The language of the month for June is Polish.

Below are some key words for you to learn, as spoken by Filip and Kourosh in Year 3.

The current Language Of The Month for May is Japanese.

The Language Of The Month for April is Mandarin.

The Language Of The Month for March is Punjabi.

The Language Of The Month for February is Kurdish.

The Language Of The Month for January is Shona.

The Language Of The Month for December is Greek.