As your child enters secondary school it is natural that they will start to become more independent and grow into a young adult. As their independence grows in real life it is expected that this will follow on the internet.

The internet has grown exponentially since its creation, it is a part of everyday life and an important tool to use and embrace. The internet offers great solutions for everyday problems and is widely used for education, entertainment and social networking. In the classroom, it is used to enhance our pupils learning and encourages independence for them to explore and discover new things.

As a teenager, it is expected that your child will explore, experiment and sometimes take risks. The internet has a huge impact on this and your child may use technology to be creative and express themselves.

We need to make sure that we support our pupils while using the internet to make sure they are accessing it in a safe, secure and knowledgeable way so that if anything was to go wrong, they know how to react and resolve the situation.

We held a parental workshop on social media in the Primary Phase. A document was provided which included useful tips and information for parents regarding different social media platforms. Please click the link below to view your own copy of this document, which you can also download.

Social Media Parental Workshop

If you have any worries or concerns about the way your child is behaving online, please contact Nick Jaques, Safeguarding Director.

Useful links:

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