Education Secretary Visits Carr Manor Community School

The Education Secretary Damian Hinds visited us on Friday 23rd November, to hear about how we work with the local community to improve outcomes for our pupils.

Mr Hinds, who was also joined on the day by Steve Walker, Leeds City Council’s Director of Children’s Services, met with a group of pupils from years 6 -11 in circle style discussions, where pupils shared their experiences of Restorative Practice, Coaching and Passengers Into Crew. Pupils spoke about how these initiatives not only improve pupils learning and enjoyment at school, but also shape the school and enhance our community feel.

Mr Hinds also learnt how the staff at Carr Manor Community School help pupils with difficult situations, whether at home or in school.

After the visit, Mr Hinds said “We have to set our ambitions high for these children, matched by high support. We can learn a lot from schools like Carr Manor Community School, by all working together - government, councils, schools, police and the health service – to give young people the knowledge, skills and resilience they need to fulfill their potential.”

Our Executive Principal Mr Flowers said "It was both a privilege and great opportunity to demonstrate the impact of restorative leadership and practices on the lives of all our pupils helping them be successful in their academic achievement whilst learning about equity, respect, tolerance, self-regulation and community. Working together to build, maintain and restore relationships gives the school the capacity to include all pupils regardless of need or background and to secure positive outcomes and destinations for all.”

Our Head of Character, Reverend Shaw, explained to Mr Hinds and his team how there is a restorative approach across the whole school, with every child part of a mixed-age coaching group, which builds trust, belonging and strong relationships between all pupils and staff.

It was a really positive day and we were happy to be able to share our experiences with Mr Hinds. All of our pupils who joined in the circle discussions spoke very confidently and openly about their experiences at school, and should be very proud of their involvement on the day.

Steve Walker left us saying "It was really nice to come into an atmosphere where I felt very welcome and pupils were very open. I think the work you do here in Carr Manor is outstanding and I was really pleased to have the opportunity to come down here and meet you all and experience it for myself."

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