The Coaching Programme at Carr Manor Community School is fundamental to ‘knowing our children well’ and in the forming the strong relationships that are crucial for our community.

Coaching groups consist of approximately ten pupils gathered from all year groups that meet with their Coach three times a week in timetabled sessions.

All pupils start their week with a Monday ‘check in’. This circle-based session allows all pupils to be fully informed of key events and opportunities through the sharing of either the Coaching Chronicle or CarrManorTV. Pupils are also regularly recognised for their achievements through these mediums.

On Wednesday afternoons, two groups team up for ‘Coaching Plus’ to look at topics such as careers and financial education; health and well-being and citizenship. This is also an opportunity for a ‘check-up’ in the middle of the week.

To close each week, on a Friday afternoon, the Coaching groups ‘check out’ and discuss their achievements from the week and review their current targets, ensuring pupils are best aligned to make the most of formal and enriched learning opportunities. Pupils can also share their plans for the weekend with the rest of the coaching group.

As a regular point of contact, Coaches offer trained one-to-one support and are there to talk about concerns or areas for development. This ensures every pupil has a ‘partner in learning’ to provide ongoing care and encouragement. An additional benefit is the relationships that develop between pupils of all year groups, who meet in coaching, then acting as a peer support network for each other around school, ensuring everyone 'enjoys and achieves'.

Coaches develop strong relationships with pupils’ families and meet with parents and carers three times a year at ‘Meet Your Coach’ days. These days (which are in addition to the traditional parents/carers evenings with teaching staff) have proved to be very popular with families, who recognise the benefit of knowing someone well in school who can advocate for their child.

Coaching sets firm foundations for many areas of the school to succeed. This was evidenced upon the last Ofsted report, which stated that “The school's coaching programme is a major strength of the school." "The impact of this programme on relationships between staff and pupils and the inclusive ethos of the school are impressive."