Carr Manor creates over 86,000 visors for NHS

At Carr Manor Community School we teamed up with Cutting Edge, Leeds, a company who were asked to produce 900,000 visors for use in hospitals and healthcare facilities in Leeds and beyond.

We immediately opened our Sports Hall and school Theatre as venues to host a 'socially distanced production line' to aid with the production of these visors. Members of our school staff, families of our pupils and the local community all came together to produce the vitally needed PPE. We also had many members of staff and some of the community who took delivery of materials to produce the visors at home.

The impact that our production line was having and the volume of visors we were creating was recognised by Councillor Jonathan Pryor, who visited us at Carr Manor during one of the production days.

He said “Seeing first-hand the community spirit and dedication these volunteers are showing is genuinely inspiring and a wonderful example of how the city as a whole has pulled together to support our incredible NHS staff, health workers and each other. I’d like to offer my heartfelt thanks to all of those who have given up their time to make a difference and to the school and its staff for going the extra mile to provide a safe and welcoming venue.”

We are so proud to be able to say that as a school we made over 86,000 visors, which is a testament to the extraordinary work from every single volunteer. This couldn't have happened without our fantastic staff working not only to create the visors, but also ensuring the surroundings were safe to do so, as well as the support from the local community and those creating visors at home.

Our Executive Principal, Simon Flowers, said "As is often said it is moments like these when you see the best of people.”

Unfortunately the visor production had to close on 19th May due to lack of available materials. However, the community spirit and fantastic sense of achievement that came from this time is still living strong.

We were thrilled to see the visors being used in local hospitals and we know how important this equipment was and still is, to frontline workers.

You can read more about our visor production on the following links:

Yorkshire Evening Post - Volunteers go back to school

Leeds City Council website - School assembly of vital PPE is top class


Carr Manor creates masks and PPE equipment for NHS

Staff and pupils at Carr Manor Community School have been working together to create scrubs, masks and laundry bags, all of which are being donated to NHS staff working on the front line.

We knew how important this equipment was to NHS workers and our staff and pupils were keen to help as much as possible. Members of our Design & Technology department used their sewing machines at home to make scrubs, face-masks and laundry bags. Some of our pupils were also really keen to get involved, so they too contributed to the production of this vital PPE equipment.

We have since made:

  • Over 60 laundry bags
  • 40 masks
  • 20 ear extenders
  • 4 sets of scrubs

This is a fantastic example of our school community working together to help others. Thank you to all our families who helped us with this pledge to support our NHS!

Immunisations – Year 8 and 9

Missed school immunisations – information for parent/carers

Please note the information below that the Leeds School Immunisation Team have asked us to share with all Year 8 and 9 families:

Public Health England’s (PHE) guidance currently states that all school age immunisations are suspended whilst the schools are closed but will be rescheduled. We are waiting for further details of what the rescheduled “catch up” will be. It is likely this will be done within schools or within community clinics but we do not know when this will happen. You do not need to do anything; the consent you have given will be carried forward. You will be contacted by a nurse if it is necessary to discuss any consent issues we have.

Missed immunisations are not available from your GP.

The outstanding immunisations affect some pupils in Year 9 (School Leaving Boosters) and the 2nd dose of HPV for all children in Year 8.

If you have any questions, please email as they are unable to take phone calls at this time.

To see the full letter to sent to parents/carers, please click here.

Reception Acceptance Place

Thank you and welcome to all families who have chosen Carr Manor Community School as the preference school for pupils starting Reception in September 2020.

You should have received an email containing your offer from the local authority on Thursday 16th April 2020. You should then have accepted your offer by clicking on the link here.

With regards to appeals, the Department for Education have agreed that appeals are now able to take place virtually with continued social distancing restrictions. Appeal dates will be sent out in due course.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Primary Phase on 0113 3368401.

Year 7 Secondary School Offers

If you have applied for a Year 7 school place starting in September 2020, you will have received an email with your offer from on Monday 2nd March. You should have then accepted this place directly with us by clicking here.

For further information regarding school offers, please visit

You can also contact our admissions team on 0113 3368400 /

Lose The Booths

On Saturday 25th January, we hosted the Lose The Booths event here at Carr Manor Community School, which is part of a campaign to stop the use of isolation booths in schools across the UK.

Nearly 200 visitors, which included teachers, headteachers, Councillors and researchers were in attendance. The event was attended by the national media, including Tes and the BBC's The One Show.

There were keynotes and workshops held throughout the day, including one from our Executive Principal, Simon Flowers, on 'Relational practice, zero exclusions, no booths: The Carr Manor way.'

Alex Sobel, MP for Leeds North West, also attended the conference and spoke about his want for a blanket ban on booths, "I feel that the use of isolation is cruel and demeaning for children and it undermines those children’s self-esteem and ability to progress.” 

You can read more about the event and campaign at and

Sustainable Xmas

A group of pupils took part in a project called Sustainable Xmas, launched by Ahead Partnership, with the support of Leeds City Council and three of the major shopping retail developers in Leeds; Hammerson, Landsec and Town Centre Securities. 

Their task was to pitch an idea for how businesses in Leeds can help both them and their customers, be more sustainable during the Christmas period.

The finale of the project was held at Leeds Town Hall, where CMCS were named runners up of the competition; a fantastic achievement for all pupils involved.

You can read more about the project here and also watch the video below from the finale.

Leeds Learning Alliance – Launch Day

The Leeds Learning Alliance is a Trust formed by like-minded Leeds educational organisations based upon shared commitment to inclusion, close collaboration and high level ambition. Carr Manor Community School is a proud member of the Alliance.

The Leeds Learning Alliance Vision

Inclusive, Collaborative, Ambitious

The Alliance believes in respectful collaboration, restorative practice and inclusive education, using the resources of all the partners in the Alliance to promote the very best
outcomes for the children, young people and adults in our organisations, ensuring:

• aspirational learning
• high achievement
• empowering relationships
• equality of access

Launch Day

On Monday 25th November, the Leeds Learning Alliance held their launch day at Emerald Headingley Stadium.

The launch, which over 360 people attended, saw Cllr Judith Blake welcome the founding organisations (Leeds Trinity University, Leeds College of Building, Leeds Rhinos Foundation, Bankside Primary School, Carr Manor Community School, Wetherby High School and Leeds City Council) to a day of guest lectures and speakers focusing on what it means to be an inclusive, collaborative and forward-thinking city.

The delegates also heard valuable contributions from Kevin Sinfield MBE; Jamie-Jones Buchanan, The Leeds Learning Alliance Ambassador; speakers from the University of Cambridge; Cllr Jonathan Pryor and even a performance from the Bankside Primary School choir.

Paul Brennan, Chair of the Leeds Learning Alliance commented "I am truly overwhelmed by the enthusiasm for this initiative. We have children in our schools working alongside world-class athletes, university students and lecturers. They are using the 21st century facilities at our colleges and across the city as a whole, above all they are achieving.” “Our children are being inspired by the best and they are learning about what it means to support each other.” "It really feels like it is 'team Leeds', pulling together to help our children reach their full potential!" 

We are looking forward to watching the Alliance grow and progress over the coming months and years, and we appreciate all the support we have received so far. If you’d like to find out further information about the Alliance, please visit their website

Information about flu-like illness and diarrhoea/vomiting in schools

For the attention of all parents/carers,

As you may be aware, there has been an increase in reports of D&V and flu-like illness in schools across Yorkshire and Humber.

Due to this, we are providing information to parent/carers, pupils and staff from the Public Health England. Please click here to read the letter which contains helpful information about how to stay healthy or what to do if you have any concerns for yourself or your child.