Carr Manor Dash 2017

A massive congratulations to Robinson House who were the overall Carr Manor Dash winners of 2017!

Bremner House, who weren't able to hold onto their title from last year, came 2nd, whilst Tomlinson came 3rd and Trueman took 4th place.

To compete in the Dash, pupils took part in time trials in their PE lessons and the fastest pupils qualified to race around school.

There were four races in total, KS3 girls and boys races and KS4 girls and KS4 boys races.

The best times from each race were then totaled up and the overall winner, in this case Robinson House, was decided.

Those who weren't running created banners in Coaching+ lessons to cheer on and encourage their House representatives. It was lovely to see how much effort had been put into the banners and how much support pupils had for those running.

A big well done to all those involved and it was a brilliant afternoon of sportsmanship! 

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