Army Supercamp

After the success of the previous Army residential in October, pupils from Carr Manor Community School were invited back to Catterick Garrison, the largest British Army garrison in the world, for an Army Supercamp Challenge.

The camp was for Year 10 and 11 pupils, with 38 pupils attending in total, either for the first time or returning for their second visit. We travelled down on Monday and once we arrived and had been issued our army uniforms, Bergen’s and sleeping bags, we had an icebreaker activity where we heard about some of the Army staff’s backgrounds and shared our own aspirations, likes and dislikes and funny stories.

Tuesday’s wake up time was a very early 6am, followed by a tough walk through the wind and rain to start the day’s activities. Pupils had the opportunity to hear about the different careers available to them in the army, then it was onto the indoor shooting range where pupils’ observation skills and reaction times were tested. Later it was back outside in the cold weather to learn about Improvised Explosive Devices, camouflage and spotting hidden objects hidden in the woods. The day ended with sporting activities, including wall climbing, basketball shooting, hoop throwing and more.

Wednesday was an even earlier wake up of 5:30am, before we ventured off to get ready for the assault course. Prior to this, pupils spoke to some Army Medics and learnt about the different career paths that involve medicine in the Army. They also took part in a Crime Scene Investigation with the Royal Military Police, where they had to identify exactly what had happened in a crime scene involving an injured soldier, a witness and a key suspect.

A group of VIP’s were at the Garrison as they came to experience how the Supercamp had given pupils an insight into the Army life. There was also a reporter from ITV Calendar News, who interviewed some pupils and filmed us taking part in the assault course which was featured on the 6 o’clock news! You can see the news segment here. A big well done to all the pupils who took part in the assault course – it was a very tough, muddy and cold experience but one that once completed, gave pupils a real sense of achievement and pride. They jumped from heights, ran through waist-high muddy water, climbed under and over beams and ended the course crawling through mud!

To round off the experience, there was an awards ceremony which presented each pupil with a certificate for the successful completion of the camp.

The Supercamp, which was ran by the 4th Infantry Brigade, was a brilliant experience for pupils to build their teamwork, confidence and social-skills whilst taking part in fun but challenging activities. All pupils showed resilience on the trip as despite the cold weather and strict army regime, they showed true Carr Manor spirit and put 100% into every task.


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