25th Annual Sports Day

A huge well done to every competitor who took part in Carr Manor Community School’s 25th  Annual Sports Day on Tuesday 18th July 2017.

The day got off to a great start in the morning with a number of records being broken in the field events…….and a couple being smashed; Nyomi Bembridge in the KS4 Hurdles beating the current record by nearly a second and Lucy-Jo O’Grady beating her own record by 4m.

In all, 17 records were broken throughout the day which reflects the hard work and effort from all competitors!

A big congratulations to Trueman House who cruised to victory by a fantastic 39 points. Tomlinson House came in 2nd place, with Robinson 3rd and Bremner 4th.

Well done to athletes who achieved new personal bests, those who set new school records and equally as important, those who stood in to take part in races/events to gain valuable points for their team.

A huge well done to everyone who contributed making it such a positive, supportive and enjoyable day.

Flamborough Head and Bridlington

Year 10 went to Flamborough Head and Bridlington as part of their field work for Geography.

At Flamborough Head they looked at different coastal features; such as stacks, arches and wave-cut platforms. Pupils also inspected rock pool eco systems and found crabs and gobi fish.

In Bridlington, pupils compared the effectiveness of groynes and sea walls and measured the size of pebbles on the beach. They also looked at the attractions that make Bridlington such a popular Yorkshire tourist resort.


Year 10 Auschwitz Birkenau Camp Trip

Sixteen pupils in years 10 and 11 travelled to Poland from 10th - 12th July for a tour of Auschwitz Birkenau, the most lethal concentration and death camp used by the Nazis during the Holocaust. During the Second World War, it was responsible for over 1 million deaths, with the majority being Jewish people.

Pupils spent two days learning about the history of the Holocaust as well as Jewish life before, during and after the Holocaust.

They also learnt about the motivations behind such a horrific event and how it was allowed to happen, as well as conditions within the camp itself. Pupils displayed upmost respect and held challenging conversations throughout the trip, which they responded maturely and perceptively to.

Nyomi Bembridge, Year 10, said the trip was “an experience I’ll never forget.” The 16 pupils will be presenting their findings in House assemblies in early September, as well as their personal reactions to what they learnt.

Primary Phase Summer Fete

Our summer fete was held on Friday 7th July in the Primary Phase. It was a fabulous seaside themed afternoon and a wonderful community event for families and friends, current and new.

There were some fabulous food stalls, a bouncy castle, paddling pools, sand pits, face painting stalls and even some sponsored donkeys! It was lovely to see so many of our incoming reception families attend and there was a real community feel to the event.

Duke of Edinburgh

A big congratulations to pupils who completed their Duke of Edinburgh on the weekend 8th July.

Everyone involved passed with flying colours!
All participants displayed outstanding teamwork and resilience to complete the 18 miles over two days in the gruelling heat.
This included pupils carrying all their own gear, tents and food to be self sustainable throughout the weekend. It's a tough challenge to complete and deserves a big well done all round.

Houses of Parliament Trip

20 pupils travelled down to London on 3rd July to visit the Houses of Parliament.

As part of the day pupils had a tour, including visiting the House of Commons and House of Lords. They also had a question and answer session with Richard Burgon MP (Labour MP for Leeds East). Pupils asked Richard a range of questions including; what an MP does, his views on topical issues such as Nurses pay and what he thinks of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader.

Pupils returned to Carr Manor with lots of good memories and a taste of what it is like to work in politics.

Primary Aspirations Day

The Primary Phase had a Career Aspirations Day where they interviewed adults and learnt about the different types of careers they can go into when they’re older.

They had the opportunity to speak to an author, bank manager, boxer and even some PE teachers from the Secondary Phase. Pupils asked them about what career paths they took to get to the jobs they’re in today.

There were even special visits from two vets, PC Karen Kear and the local fire engine! Pupils loved spraying the hose pipe and sitting in the front seat of the fire engine!

Well done to all pupils involved for their mature questions and inquisitive nature!