Flexible Learning

Getting to know our children well is not only about how we work in class, and at Carr Manor Community School we have introduced Flexible Learning to offer opportunities to develop skills outside of the classroom.

Flexible Learning incorporates enrichment activities, intervention opportunities, sports teams, and home learning.

Football, netball, politics, art, cooking, hair and beauty, and revision sessions are just some of the activities pupils can access, and these enrichment activities and sports clubs run every day from 3.00pm.

We encourage all pupils to participate in at least one out-of-school activity, and we are open to new ideas for clubs and activities via the school council.

Other aspects of Flexible Learning include trips, guest speakers, accredited awards like Duke of Edinburgh, parental and community activities, and academic intervention during school holidays and weekends, so pupils have many chances to pursue what they enjoy and need to achieve.

Please find below the booklet for Summer 1: